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Patent No: US 10,060,556 B2


Occasionally, a new product comes along that changes the way you do things, makes things easier, saves you time, and is more convenient.


You get the idea.


The DA-Quick Clip™ can do all those things!

Product and Application

Products & Applications

The DA-Quick ClipTM is an innovative multi-size grommet with the ability to fasten multiple different pipe materials such as copper, PEX, and CPVC in sizes ranging from 1⁄2”-1”. These grommets fit conveniently into the various existing cut-outs in metal studs and securely attach to wood with a 3” screw or nail. The double clip holds two 1⁄2”- 3⁄4” pipes and the single clip holds one 3⁄4”-1”.


The QC Bracket is a patent pending pipe support specifically designed for easy integration with the DA-QuickClipTM. The QC Bracket works with single or dual pipe runs using only one clip in either application. The 20 gauge galvanized steel bracket attaches to any flat surface or suspends from a 3/8” rod with easy height adjustment.

Time Saving Feature

Time Saving Features

Ideally, in metal studs contractors can finally use the DA-Quick ClipTM in the existing cut-outs eliminating the time of punching holes, and the need for up to two separate parts.

On wood the DA-Quick ClipTM can fasten one or two different size pipes ranging from 1⁄2”-1” practically eliminating the possibility of errant screw punctures and isolating supply lines from steel gusset plates.

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Tested & Approved

The DA-Quick ClipTM is Patented and UPC certified.


This revolutionary device is being sold in numerous states throughout the country. It has been endorsed by both commercial and residential contractors. Thousands have been installed with extremely positive feedback and demand.

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The 1⁄2”- 3⁄4” DA-Quick ClipTM is the only multi-size two-pipe grommet.

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The 3⁄4”-1” DA-Quick ClipTM is a single pipe multi-size grommet.

QC Bracket

The QC Bracket integrates with both clips for countless applications.

Made in the USA